My Thoughts on High Rise Jeans…

So, my mom and I spent the day together today, which was wonderful, as always. We may live in the same city, but we are both involved in many things and thus literally have to pencil each other in our calendars to make a girl day happen. And not to get all sappy here, but I hate to think of the day when we can no longer do these things. I have friends who have already lost their mommas and I simply can’t imagine it, so I am trying not to let my busy life get in the way of moments with my mom.

Today’s girl day consisted of her driving over to my house at the crack of dawn to accompany me on my school drop-of route, then we stopped over at Bird Bakery, a local favorite, until it was time to drop Landis off at preschool. Then we literally shopped until we stopped for lunch. My poor mother. She’s so sweet, but she hates shopping, and always has. But she loves being with me (not to brag or anything) and she needs a little help in the focusing part of shopping. We have fun. We purchased a few simple things we had needed, but mostly just had a good time talking and hopping in and out of the car and laughing.

But I have to bring up a huge concern that came up before my eyes over and over again as we hit the stores running:

Who decided to bring back the High Rise???? 

The High Rise Jean is in, friends. I mean, I sort of knew this already from some online images I’ve seen, but I just need to tell you that it’s true. And if you are like me, and absolutely can’t stand the thought of dressing like you are in high school once again (I have the pictures to prove the high rise, tucked in, belted look I sported), then you better get your rear end to your favorite shop and buy up all the low rise jeans you can find, because I’m here to tell you they are slim pickins.’

Apparently the fashion police are out on patrol, confiscating the only jeans that look good on me (and I assume you) so that we can all become hipsters. Who is doing this? And Why? Do people really think this looks right? I just want to know who actually started dreaming back to their high school years or their mom’s closet, for that matter, and wished for that look again. I mean, I really had buried the idea that high rise jeans would ever come back in style. I thought that for once we had landed on something that was actually flattering to the feminine figure. But no. Here we are again.

And doesn’t it seems like it wasn’t too long ago when people were making fun of their mother’s for still wearing high wasted jeans? My mom actually called me a while back to tell me she had found a store with a style of jeans called “not your daughter’s jeans,” which clearly means “60 year olds wear high wasted jeans, and their daughter’s don’t.”

I think you get the picture.

And yes, the following picture is of Luke and me in high school. And while the image of us all young and cute and in love is very endearing, please notice the high wasted shorts and braided leather belt. This is what’s apparently back in style.

So please consider this your public service announcement. Please don’t blame me when you find yourself jean-less and staring at the racks of high wasted-ness and wondering what in the world to do.

And please, I beg you, if you see me in the future wearing the high rise jean and leather braided belt, with my flannel plaid shirt tucked in, give me a little shake and tell me to stop it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM