Life in Community//Words of Encouragement from a Friend

Sometimes all you need is someone to say this one thing and all of a sudden the missing piece to the puzzle in your brain has been found. And tonight after our community group, that’s what happened. It’s funny because it was nothing profound–just a simple after conversation I had with a friend, a seasoned mom who has been through much in her life and has plenty of experience and wisdom to share. I was bemoaning the fact that I have to sit in the car so long everyday picking up children, and she simply said, “You just have to get to where you think about it as part of your day’s work.”

And it clicked–it’s extremely weird but it clicked! Probably due to my homeschooling background where every moment is a treasured moment and a learning experience, I just feel like I’m losing two hours of my life (and my kids’ lives) by just being in the car.

But this is my work. I may not be hovering over a desk next to my child teaching her to divide, or diagramming sentences on a board, or cutting up veggies for dinner, or folding clothes, but this job of hauling children around and waiting, sitting, driving, inching forward, passing out snacks, handing out devices, listening to books on CD’s, this is part of my work. And I can either complain about it in my heart and constantly wish for something else, some way to make it easier, or I can embrace it as part of my job description and make the best of it.

I can get creative, listen to new things, play road trip games with the kids who are in the vehicle, look for grassy knolls to hang out in, stop in for frozen yogurt, play at the playground. I don’t want to live this year and the rest of my life feeling like the drive to and from school is a waste of time. However menial it may seem, this is part of my work.

So thank you friend, if you ever read this (I sent you a text so you know I appreciated your words)…

And this is one more reason I love community–time spent with people, sharing our lives together, experimenting with Luke’s new smoker and eating together, serving my favorite potato salad, loving on each other’s kids and washing sticky chocolatey fingers, watching as the beach ball was kicked repeatedly into the ceiling and the marshmallow gun was aimed one too many times at an innocent bystander, talking about our lives–because we can encourage each other in such simple ways.

And it truly makes me worship the Creator even more because of His beautiful gift of the church. He did not leave us alone, friends. He left us to be Jesus followers with other Jesus followers, what a sweet and precious gift.

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