From Thrift Store to Home…How I Spent the First Day of Fall

The first day of Fall is always a sweet one around here, since it also shares my little guy’s birthday (but more on that later)…

I started pulling out Fall deco yesterday (even though it’s hard to get in the mood when the temps are still rising to 90), but was underwhelmed with my selection. I managed to find some dried branches in the neighbors yard (we have no trees, so we borrow), and then this morning I spotted one amazing branch in the grass at L’s school so I pulled over, ran across the street, and dragged it to my car.

(Sidenote: I recently passed up an adorable side table on the side of the road on the way to school and now I regret it every single time I pass that house. Moral: just climb out of the car and grab the thing that catches your eye.) Okay, moving on…

I don’t feel like I know much at all about decorating. I see things I like and I love looking at images of homes and rooms and designs, but I don’t necessarily think I pull off exactly what I like in my head. Sometimes I’m very much drawn to images of clean white spaces with one item on a table and one huge piece of art on the wall, lots of light streaming in. But when I put my hands to my home that’s never what comes out. I have to force myself to intentionally leave a space empty or minimal, for some reason I just naturally fill up spaces. All this to say, I think we can enjoy many styles of decorating and learn from them and take tips and ideas from them, but when you get your hands into your own home with your own things and go for it, I guess just rest in what comes of it. I have to resist the temptation to scrutinize and compare and just love what my decorating is and know that it expresses our own family and that’s the point anyway.

One thing I do love is being able to find fun, unique items at thrift stores and finding ways for them to pop up in my home. So after I dropped Landis off today, I headed to the Goodwill in hopes of finding something to add to my fall decor. Honestly, I’ve been thrifting throughout the summer and have had terrible luck (with the exception of the huge glass planter lamp that I found, then cleaned up, and made pretty, which is now next to my piano). I doubted what I’d find at the thrift this morning, and really I would have gone to Salvation Army which is where I donate and I’m happier with their mission, but they don’t open early. Yada, yada….

So here’s what I found…. for a whopping $35.00. Not bad for a mix of glass, ceramic, porcelain, wood, and plastic.

My dad was coming one hour after I got home with all this stuff (we had a lunch date), so I set to work de-sticking all these stickers off the items with Elmer’s Sticky Out (seriously, why do they put so many stickers on these things? I think we get the point. 8 on one item is just overkill, friends…)
And then I went to town trying to mingle the new (old) items with stuff I already had, to attempt to create something warm, cozy, and welcoming. A couple items got put away for another time, and the white matryoshka doll went on a shelf in the front room (our play room). 
So here’s how it played out. Look here  or here for before pictures of some of these spaces….

I’m sure the stuff on the coffee table will be adjusted as I see the kids throw things on the ivy and it all gets shoved around. But it’s a start.

The “fish bowl” is full of yarn that in my spare time (ha) I plan to roll into small balls so it will be a bowl full of fall-colored yarn balls. But if I wait until I do that I will never share these photos…

I dream of the day when I have an actual mantle, but until then, my piano fills the void…
Happy Fall!

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