Currently//Volume Two

I mentioned I’m taking an online photography class through the Define School, so currently, I’m basically thinking through my vision for photography (and for blogging, and for parenting, etc, etc), and having my camera at the ready to take note of our life in its *normalcy.* So this week, you get a sneak peak into my life via photos….these are what my days are looking like right now.

(*Please note: parenting has been extra hard lately, so having pictures of joyful kids playing together is such a rare treat that dinner got literally put on the back burner so I could capture some of these moments. They aren’t the “norm” right now.) Also, consider this your warning–there are lots of pictures (but I’ve been a major slacker lately with photography so I think this just makes up for all the phone pictures I’ve used on this blog lately…)

please notice that dinosaurs will always dominate the world….

and this picture is entirely too grainy, I’m not sure why (suspicious of my ISO setting)

Does anyone else walk through their bedroom and look longingly at their bed????

*I’m linking up again this week with the Currently series on A Mama Collective blog

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM