There’s No Trial Too Small

We all go through things–things that are hard. Hard for us, at least. And sometimes I struggle with feeling guilty over my seemingly insignificant trial; feeling like the small thing I’m suffering through just doesn’t compare to so many other people’s trials that sound so much larger than mine. In fact, sometimes the burden of my suffering seems even heavier because of the feeling that “I shouldn’t feel this bad about it, it’s so little.” 

But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that those feelings of guilt for my small burden are being carried by a sweet and merciful Savior; that the God and Father of this universe, my Creator actually does care about the tiny details of my life. He does care if I feel overwhelmed as a mom, if I feel stressed about having a junior higher, if I’m worried about one of my children, or worried about the future. He does care about my thoughts about the church, about my worries for the church, about details of my day that I feel are hard, even though they seem so not hard if I tune into what’s going on around the world, or if I think about all the mommas in Africa trying to feed their babies with nothing, or the people right here in my hometown trying to make ends meet, homeless, with no family or friend to run to for shelter or comfort.
The thing is, God’s Word tells me that He cares about me, and He really doesn’t give me caveats for when he doesn’t care about me. There’s no scale of 1-10 where we have to sort of address our suffering and it’s not until it gets to greater than an 8 that we can take it to God. 
Psalm 55:22, 
“Cast your cares on the Lord,
and He will sustain you; 
He will never let the righteous fall.” 
The kids and I have been listening to Seeds music that a friend of mine gave me, and this Scripture song has been sticking in our heads…it’s so sweet to hear my little ones hum this tune and sing it quietly to themselves without even thinking, and it’s been a huge comfort to me, just an affirmation of God’s faithfulness to me, and how He listens to even me. 
And of course there are people going through harder stuff than me, absolutely. But God still cares about me (and you, friend). Don’t feel guilty for crying out to God in time of need, even if you feel your need doesn’t compare to someone else’s. God promises to sustain you and carry you, even if your trial seems small.
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