Food, Family, Fashion, Romance…

(Road Trip 2014, continued…)

Once we arrived in Kent, Ohio, we couldn’t resist snuggling my sweet nephew (nay, maybe smothering him a bit), who would walk into the room and say things like, “Uncle Uke is?” with his hands held out high, or even “Uncle Gab is?” (I mean how can your heart not melt over sweet little boys and their cuteness).

We loved Rachel and Brett’s home, it was so fun to finally be a part of their world and sit on their couch, drink their coffee, see them function together as a family…It seems like most of the time we have family coming to see us in San Antonio (mostly to see the grandparents but we are here too so we get lucky). And Rachel even lived with us for the summer before she and Brett got married, so she has helped me in the kitchen soooo many times, that it was so nice for me to assist her in her sweet kitchen with the cute olive tree on her counter. She’s an amazing mom with such a relaxed approach to parenting, I loved watching her in action, I learned so much.

We walked through the cute college town–downtown to the food Coop store and other eclectic shops (Luke even stopped to get his hair cut in a real barber shop!), and enjoyed a stroll along their River Walk, went out to ice cream even in the rain, and once again enjoyed wonderful homemade food (not to brag, but our family sure can cook!) I’m looking forward to getting her well-chosen recipes, some of which are homemade pita bread, chicken mole, and corn salsa just to name a few.

But I have to say, the highlight of my time there has to be, hands down, the afternoon we went to the Kent State Fashion Museum. It’s not that I was just dying to go to this museum before we got there. What it really was was Julia’s remarkable enthusiasm over the whole thing. Oh my goodness! We walked into the museum and she immediately said, “Mom! This is THE BEST museum I have ever been to!” and I’m not exaggerating when I say that her enthusiasm only grew as we went through each room, and by the end she was soooo sad it was over!

We literally walked through each room slowly, piece by piece, studying which time period each dress was made in and what was so special about each item. There were four rooms, and by the time we had entered the second room, the rest of the gang was already finished with the whole museum and ready to leave so they walked across the street to the Dunkin’ Donuts and waited for us there. Julia and I lingered by every single display. The pleat room? I now know more about pleats than I ever thought possible, and so does she. And we savored the felt room with all it’s crazy design and fun colors, and then the modern room with the outrageous shoe designs and electronic clothing pieces, it was just so cool.

But mostly it was a pleasure for me to be a part of something Julia so thoroughly enjoyed, and now I’m left wondering, how in the world do I help her in her love for fashion and design? I think we have a budding seamstress/designer on our hands (thus, I’ve been teaching her how to use my sewing machine this week).

Now that we’re home, I think one of the sweetest things about being there was that my children have been talking about how romantic Uncle Brett and Aunt Rachel are to each other, that they always call each other “my love,” and in the kids’ words, “they are the most romantic in the family.”

Seems like Luke and I have some work to do to beat that high compliment…

*Photos Pictured
1. Ivan confiscating the blueberries
2. their cute dining room at breakfast, and of course Julia’s sweet laugh; yogurt made by Brett
3, 4, 5. Walking in downtown Kent
6. On our way to the Fashion Museum; just a walk from their house
7. Landis crashed out after so much walking
8. Breakfast–scones and coffee, my kind of morning

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