Take Your Camera Upstairs!!!

Summer has come and my heart is glad–it’s not all peaches and cream around here, and it’s not like my kids aren’t fighting or like I’m never flabbergasted with them these days, but the atmosphere around here has been so relaxed and free, a much needed break from the crunch of school time schedule. It’s sweet to see my children enjoying rummaging through the refrigerator for their lunch instead of unzipping a lunch bag; staying in their pajamas until 11:00 am when they realize “I’m still in my PJ’s” and laugh a cute little laugh; making hilarious movies on iMovie together and pulling out all the American Girl doll clothes, spreading it all over the living room and playing with it for hours…these are the sweet moments I’ve craved with my kids (even though at the end of it I’m pressing them to clean it all up and make it look pretty again).

It has seriously been the perfect mix of slow mornings, lingering cups of coffee, kids getting sciencey (i.e. volcanoes and green slime), almost a daily trip to the pool, lots of ice cream, read alouds and city blocks, re-runs of Leave it to Beaver (we are old school like that; last summer it was The Brady Bunch), and I’ve even been able to exercise some too…oh, and I can’t forget that I have successfully implemented chores again (I call it Newton Bootcamp), and it is now part of the slow morning routine (I haven’t folded clothes yet this summer, thanks to this new system, not to brag or anything).

I’ve even managed to lug my camera upstairs this week, and am so glad I did! Capturing my kids in action is so much fun (even if they are crying)!

Mostly I want to soak in the moments with my children, read a few books of my own, peruse some magazines, maybe even embroider or knit something, and take pictures. I want to soak in every moment of wonder that a road trip can be (even though I have to think ahead and bring throw up bags just in case…)

And did I mention that Amaleah graduated from 5th grade? I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that she’s going to be in Junior High…so strange! But she’s still my sweet little girl, and still loves things like organizing her book shelves and designing catapults…

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM