That time I almost broke my nose

Something that thrills my heart more than anything else is spending time with my neighbors and meeting new people and getting connected. It is just so beautiful to be involved in community and to see God at work bringing people together. Of course, with community and neighbors and things, the more time you spend with people, the more chances there are for your true colors to show.

Hence, this last week Amaleah has been working on her science fair project–you know, because that’s just how we want to be spending the last few weeks of school. But fortunately, she and Luke got all creative and designed a water balloon launcher, so this may have been the coolest project ever. Except no one bought safety goggles or even thought of it.

So after they built this sling shot contraption, we were out in the street practicing flinging water balloons down the street as far as possible, and also trying to aim at the neighbor boy if at all possible, just because. And in the meantime we were drawing attention from other neighbors and ended up with two extra neighborhood kids wanting to take part. In and out we were, filling balloons and launching, taking turns, laughing. Until the launcher decided it had enough, and on a particularly strong pull by Amaleah, who was once again aiming for a neighbor, it cracked in two upon release and was propelled into my face. Not the water balloon, but the hard plastic funnel.

And by true colors which I mentioned before, I mean this. When I stub my tow or am suddenly in pain I get mad, it’s like this ridiculous reflex I almost can’t control. So my face was on fire and for all I knew was broken to pieces, and I had it cupped in my hands and my sweet family gathers around me and asks, “Are you okay?” (and neighbor children were there too, remember), and I shouted back, “NO! I’m NOT OKAY! I’m going inside!!!!” (yes, like a pouty toddler…but my face, my face!!!)

After I realized my face was still there and all would be well, I sheepishly returned one of the children to her proper home and told her mom that I was a little rude after my injury. Of course we laughed about it, and I had the mark on my nose to prove if for a few days. True colors and community, and of course, the grace of God to cover us in our weakest most vulnerable moments.

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