Snow Cones and The Law

A week or so ago, after I picked up my kids from school, we decided to park and play at the playground for First Friday–the snow cone truck parks by the curb, you grab your snow cone and head to the playground; simple and fun.

Except for the first Friday in April. It was a whim that even made me stop this time; usually on Fridays I’m just ready to get home and start our weekend. But Luke was busy that night and I thought it would be something extra to do with the kids. So I grabbed my cash and Landis was scheming and making plans for all the flavors he was going to have, because this truck isn’t just any snow cone truck, it’s the kind you get to self serve your flavor and create a “war,” if you will (for those of you who used to do that as a kid with the soda fountain).

And as we meandered over, all of us noticed the police car behind the truck with it’s lights silently flashing, but really thought nothing of it, until we walked straight up to the truck and got behind the police officer in what we thought was the line. But, as my little ears and eyes started to perceive, this was no line, friend. The poor lady at the window could be heard saying things like, “They invited me here,” and, “I guess I didn’t realize I needed that paperwork since ice isn’t really a food.” (she really did say that, and I had to chuckle because she was so right).

And then…oh no he didn’t…oh yes he did…I still can’t believe a police officer could do this…he turned around to my wide-eyed and happy 4 year old boy and said…..,

“There will be no snow cones today.”

Oh my goodness, this did not just happen. And now I was left to deal with the aftermath. And indeed there was aftermath. What would your 4 year old boy do? Well if he’s normal, that’s what mine did–burst into tears and started wailing, and the police officer never looked back again. How does he even sleep at night?

And this is when I’m so thankful for Sonic happy hour and the library park, without which our Friday could have turned out oh so differently. It was hard enough trying to peel my son away from the sidewalk and trying to explain to him that “there will be no snow cones today.” So at least I could offer sonic.

And seriously, I’m still wondering if my son will ever respect police officers in the same way he always did before, because now they might fall into the category of  “those guys who shut down the snow cone truck.”

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