Naomi is here…

Naomi and I are taking a short break from our between friends series, since she and her family are actually staying in my home as we speak; and since our next set of posts are going to have something to do with our own cities, we figured that maybe she should actually write while she’s in her city instead of out of town. So, likely we will start up again in May.

But if you’d like to take a sneak peak into what we’ve been doing together, I’ll include a few snapshots just to satisfy your curiosity. While her time here has just begun, we’ve already drunk quite a few cups of coffee, had a girls night with our other dear friend Lory, watched a 12 minute skit put on by all six of our children (their favorite past time; it would have been longer had we not put a time limit on it), and eaten a few too many tacos. Meanwhile, her amazing husband has preached two times at two different churches and taken our sister to see a super hero movie, since they both secretly hope that they too will one day wake up with super powers. The point is, we know how to spend quality time with each other around here. And I know I am so thankful for God’s gracious gift of time with our extended family.

cousins observing our newest pets–two goldfish won at the school carnival

spaghetti-eating at its finest

the chemex. because we can, even though we aren’t hipsters

cutest little sheeps baahing during the skit, even tho I’m still not sure what it was about

the credits after the skit

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM