Spring is in the air

Somebody recently complained to me that they came from a place that actually had four seasons, to which I argued that Texas most certainly has four seasons, we just like to mix them up into the same week (and I may have said that kind of like a pouty toddler, but who’s checking).

So last week was “Spring” break. The first part of the week was rainy and cold, then it was just cold, and then it was hot, and then it was cold again. But during the hot sunny days we threw ourselves outdoors to make up for all the days we spent cooped up this winter (I know, we’ve got nothing–no dagger like icicles to not walk under or snow to shovel, but let me remind you Northerners when you start complaining about the mid-80 to lower 90 degree summers you have,  that we will be sweating it out down here in the 100teen something weather this summer, I assure you…so I’d say we’re even).

We hiked through the Ft. Worth Nature Center and actually got to see real life prairie dogs that we’ve only ever seen on tv, and even some buffalo, which we realized had somehow gotten through their electric fence and were dangerously too close to us, all snorty like (they really do breathe that way, apparently).

It was fun and the kids enjoyed it (mostly; I may have said this one time in response to a complaint, “it would have been much more fun without kids…” but really that wasn’t true, just a momentary fleeting thought…)

Other days were spent bicycling (Landis can ride a bike like a champ!!! Can’t believe it–he’s even doing all sorts of boyish things like cutting corners and skidding out…girls just don’t do this, people, at least mine never did. Boys are born doing this, and shooting guns), and we ate lots of great food. I’m kicking myself that I forgot to write down Kristen’s chicken and dumpling recipe, which was out of this world, such good comfort food.

And even though the earth is still brown and dry, our hunt through the woods found little green signs of Spring, which is always delightful. And now I’m gearing up for the end of school year craziness–a second grade musical, a fifth grade graduation, with soccer games and piano recitals all mixed in there somehow, and in the midst of it looking for evidences of God’s hand in my life, reminding myself to be thankful daily, and to pray.

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