Shoe Shopping. A Spring Break Adventure.

Okay. This is for all you mommas or aunties or nannies or whoever out there who has ever taken kids shoe shopping. Someone has to talk about this, so I think it’s going to be me.

I decided ages ago this is my least favorite thing to do with my kids. But there’s no way around it. Really, I’ve tried. Sometimes Luke will take the baton and do some shoe shopping, but (sorry honey) he has been known to return with shoes for a daughter that look like shoes for a son (yes love, I’m talking about the brown with huge green polka dot “simple” lace ups…I still hold to my position that they were not feminine in the least–he’s telling me right now that he would never let his son wear those…). (in his defense, there have also been a few well chosen shoes too.)

It usually goes something like this: enter Target (or Payless, or Stride Rite, or wherever), try to size your kids foot before they pull out all the shoes they like. Then find the shoes that are actually the right size since all the shoes in Target are mixed up. Seriously. Am I right? I have yet to consistently find shoes in the matching box. Why is this? Who goes into Target and switches all the shoes just to mess with us mommas? Target, you owe me. Heaven knows I’ve paid my dues, just pay a shoe person to hang around and organize. Thank you.

Then all sorts of shoes are tried on, including the ones most decent mommas would never wish upon their innocent daughters, the ones you have to politely say no to and tell them their Daddy wouldn’t approve. All the while, someone finds a shoe she absolutely has to have but it’s missing it’s partner, so while the other kid is begging you to just stick with her and do your job of finding the perfect shoe for her, the other one is on the search for the missing shoe, so  you join the bandwagon on and push the huge kid mobile sharping cart all over tarnation to find. And just as you’ve convinced her it doesn’t exist and you substitute another pair, the missing one is found and now the deciding has to happen all over again.

Meanwhile, your preschooler is convinced he must have new flip-flops and he’s sure he needs the one
with the elastic strap in the back which you are sure will bug the heck out of him when he gets home so you insist on “NO they have cheaper flip-flops at Old Navy” and he cries so you tuck him into the cart. Oh, and don’t forget the potty break that suddenly all three kids must take, and the lady who tries to cut in front of two kids obviously in line for the toilet (sorry lady, protective momma to the rescue.)

After all this the one who wanted shoes found none, and the other one got two pairs. So you have to go to Payless where the right shoe is found but it’s the wrong size so they find some at North Star Mall (really? there? today?)…in the mean time you decide the best way to handle this shoe thing is to get ice cream at Baskin Robins which is a great segue to the final shoe destination where ultimately, the perfect shoe is found.

Can I get an Amen, Sister????

P.S. How in the world do I have a daughter old enough to shop in the women’s shoe section???

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