Dear Naomi,

I miss you. Coffee just isn’t the same without you. Oh, and another package came yesterday, and since it was from Nordstrom, I mistakenly thought it was a cute and stunning dress for you, but alas, just Nike boy sneakers. But that’s better than toothpaste, I guess.

So I’ve been snapping photos of pink all week, and as I pondered on what in the world “pink” means to me, besides life with girls, I almost wrote a short essay on modesty, because it just reminded me so much of some of our conversations we’ve had on teaching our children what it means to be modest. But I decided to save that for another time…

Most of my pink photos were snapped in Jamey’s and Kristen’s house, because we took a four day trip to Arlington to finish out our Spring Break. We stayed in my brother’s big house and ate dinners at your brother’s house (our lives will forever be connected, sweet sis, for which I’m so thankful!). On the way home my mind was spinning with the nuggets of conversation I had with both of my sweet sisters-in-law, who are both thinking deep thoughts about the church and how to impact others with the Gospel and about shaping our children’s lives with the Gospel every single day.

While many of our conversations were left dangling because of the reality of having little ones toddling about, my heart still ponders the words that were said, how Jamey is fighting the good fight of faith and working hard to put people first for the sake of the Gospel, how she’s truly living the life of a missional mom, purposefully, intentionally; how she’s willing to leave her dinner cold on the table if it means 15 more minutes chatting with the neighbors outside while the kids ride bikes, building relationships, verbally speaking of the goodness of God; how being late for a date at the park is so minor compared to the extra minutes she was able to spend with the neighbor that stopped her on the way out; how the Joann Fabrics lady ran up to her and how Jamey hugged her so lovingly it made me want to jump for joy, thinking, “I can do that, why haven’t I done that? Why don’t I know the Joann Fabrics ladies by name?”

I remember the sweet picture of Kristen speaking quietly to my niece the Words of the Gospel, naturally applying it to this four year old’s little life in such a kind way, and how Kristen is meditating on what it means to be a mom that helps mold a weakness of a child (like what the world calls “bossy”) into a strength of being a kind and gracious leader…I love how she thinks deeply about the implications of our words on our children.

So who knows what pink really means to me, but somehow it reminded me of the sweet mommas I know who are diligently pursuing the preeminence of Christ in their lives, and you make the list for sure.

I wonder what you’re writing about this week?

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