Mellow Yellow and another book

Dear Naomi,

I could tell you about the big yellow school bus that drives by every day, a reminder of where my kids are all day long–public school is still so new for us, and yet it feels like we’ve always been there. I could tell you about this beautiful yellow blouse I saw at Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago that was way too expensive, and also too yellow for me…I really don’t think I can pull yellow off, even though it looks so pretty hanging there. I could ask about the cute yellow shoes you have that I don’t remember seeing at all while I was visiting you, where are they? I could tell you about the amazing yellow cut out my husband is working on of one of the missions here in San Antonio to complete a set, his new past time (which deserves a whole post of its own). I could tell you about all the bananas we’ve gone through this week but then you’d probably gag because you hate bananas. I could tell you about the pretty butter yellow bathroom my mom now has that I admire every time I’m over there and I don’t tell her that enough. I could tell you about the yellow wild flowers in bloom all over the city, and the yellow weed flowers in bloom in my kitchen window garden (will you have time to help me garden while you are here in April??? I need help.) I could tell you about this gray with yellow polka dot fabric I picked up, a remnant, that I’m not sure what to do with yet (a camera bag for my new camera, perhaps?). I could tell you about these beautiful golden yellow curtains I saw that sort of made me gasp a little, they were so pretty. But I think I’ll just tell you that I can’t wait to see you in two weeks… promise to save me a few moments for some coffee and chatting, and maybe some weeding of my garden. And I promise to cook you a few good meals (some ideas are brewing already since I had this scrumptious sandwich over the weekend and want to replicate it).


P.S. The next book on my list to read is True Beauty, by Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre, and I’m excited about it. I feel like especially with raising daughters there’s so much confusion as to what real beauty is, so I’m looking forward to reading their interpretation of what the Biblical view of beauty is.
P.P.S. What are you blogging about while you’re in the states?

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