Good Morning to you, Mr. Roach

You haven’t lived in Texas until you’ve experienced the cockroach. And if you haven’t read my roach-on-my-toothbrush tale, then you may not be familiar with how I handle a roach in my house. So here’s a new tale for you…(except this time my lazy cat was nowhere in sight).

Yesterday morning I innocently entered my bathroom whilst it was still dark outside, to put on my running clothes, which I had hung with care on the back of the bathroom door the day before. They really weren’t that stinky, I promise. So, as I reached for the undergarment of choice for these types of things, I pulled it off of the hook, and lo and behold, a cockroach, sticking to MY SPORTS BRA!!!!

As you might imagine, I threw the whole thing on the floor, did my traditional grossed out cockroach dance, and proceeded to look everywhere for something, anything, to beat the thing to death. But the only thing in sight was a bottle of Aqua Net, which just won’t do for such things. Then I texted my husband this:

The final “dead” text meant that I had finally escaped from the bathroom, found a manly shoe, and squashed the roach to death (so the roach died, not me, I’m hoping that was clear to my husband–but he apparently wasn’t worried since he never responded).

Then I sprayed all sorts of cleaner everywhere and dumped all the bathroom stuff in the laundry. But the worst of it is that the whole experience threw me into such a tizzy that I had to serve my kids pancakes on a stick again instead of what I had planned, oatmeal with chia seeds (because, in case you haven’t read my whole grains post, I’m trying to be better about serving healthy breakfasts). Sadly a whole morning can be thrown askew because of a nasty roach.

Roaches in Texas are unwelcome little signs of winter’s end, so even though I’m all hopeful and whimsical about Spring, reality is setting in that the bugs which have been hibernating are also waking up, a thought that makes me shiver.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM