Between Friends

Naomi makes a mean batch of Asian Lettuce Wraps, but it doesn’t come easy, let me tell you. After I flew into Mexico City a couple of weeks ago, and sometime for the next two days (it’s somewhat of a blur for me between all the walking, talking, and coffee drinking that happened), we went to four different stores to finally acquire the highly sought after Sriracha sauce (and, lest I forget to mention it, we ran a mile and a half before we finally reached the yuppy store that had it…I obviously take it for granted that my World Market is right around the corner complete with all the Asian sauce I need, all the time).

The night she served up the wraps in all their glory, Naomi happened to be standing by her kitchen window just as her downstairs neighbor called out a “hello” through the inner courtyard, and Naomi said, “Hey, come up and eat with us!” And they did! It was beautiful the way she communicated her love for her neighbors and how they responded with eagerness (this obviously wasn’t the first time she had opened up her home to them). They brought the ingredients for a fun drink that his father had taught him to make, and we caught up on the day’s events together. Looking back it struck me that as Naomi was explaining where her husband was, she openly explained how normal people like you and me can learn to study and understand the Word of God without a seminary degree, and how amazing God’s Word is that way–that it speaks to us by the power of the Holy Spirit! (and just like that, she points our hearts to the Heavens with her unabashed love for Jesus.)

Naomi and I have been sisters-in-law for 14 years, and friends for even longer than that. We can’t decide which friendship came first, hers or Luke’s (her brother, my husband). But either way, it worked out awesome, because our friendship has only grown as the years have gone by. I picture us as 90 year old widows living with each other, still drinking coffee together and helping each other with our dentures.

We are starting a series that will evolve with time, but hopefully if we keep to our little schedule, will be published every Monday. It’ll be sort of a peak into our little worlds, as we live our lives in two different countries, loving our husbands, raising our three kids who are all about the same age, and seeking to follow hard after Jesus through it all. I hope you enjoy!

To see Naomi’s side of the story, check out her blog here
And perhaps, Naomi, you might give us the recipe for your wraps too…

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