About gray and a book

Dear Naomi,

Sooo, it’s kind of been a gray week…meaning, I haven’t pulled out my camera once and the sun hasn’t shined that much either. Why does this matter? Because, for whatever reason, we decided to chose colors as our topic for the month of March, and I do believe gray was the color I chose and I am a slacker. I even have two rooms in my house painted gray, so apparently I really like this color. But who wants to see a picture of a gray wall? Full disclosure: all images in this post were not taken this week. There. Now you know. Our relationship is built on honesty.

However, our relationship has also been built on prayer, right? I remember vividly some precious times of prayer with you–the time you called a couple years ago and I prayed for you over the phone after you cried your heart out; the times you prayed for me over the phone when I felt crushed by someone’s hurtful words; the time we took that little trip to Santa Barbara together and had a prayer session in the hotel room; over your kitchen table in your first home in Mexico City…all of these times and more have been so sweet and precious to me. When you pray, I hear your heart, your deepest yearnings, your doubts, your beliefs about God–you preach when you pray, but in a daughter of Christ sort of way. It’s breathtaking the way you speak to God, and I’ve learned so much from you.

Which makes it that much more appropriate that you recommended the book A Praying Life by Paul Miller to me. I started reading it on your couch last month and soaked it in. But it belonged to you so I decided not to steal it. But, I promptly ordered a copy for myself when I got home and have been working my way through it ever since. It may very well be at the top of my list of books that have impacted my life the most, and my list is very short because I often come away from a book having enjoyed it but not necessarily changed by it.

After reading this book, I have found that I’m praying more, and I’m being more bold to speak to the Lord as a child…not to come to the Lord sounding all high and theological, but coming to Him as I am. Telling him my heart, trying to figure out what it is that I want, praying about it, and then standing back and watching His hand in my life, His story unfold, always being ready for it to not be anything like I had hoped or prayed!

A few of my favorite quotes:

“When you start ‘asking anything,’ 
you’ll be surprised with how your life 
begins to sparkle with the presence of God.” 
( p. 150)

“As we wait and pray, God weaves 
His story and creates a wonder…
we have a relationship with the living God, 
who is intimately involved with the details of our worlds. 
We are learning to watch for the story to unfold, 
to wait for the wonder.” 
(p. 209)
and this is just a freebie for your enjoyment…

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