I’ve been finding my heart distracted lately, distracted or divided–almost like split thinking. I can’t seem to stay on one thought and in some ways it makes me forget my purpose, God’s purpose for me. I don’t doubt that this feeling is shared by many women alike. There’s so many places for our heart to go–envy, jealousy, worldly desires, keeping up with trends, heart ache over conflict in the home, sibling fights, people posting things on facebook about how horrible public education is and why everyone should pull out and homeschool their kids…the list goes on. Not to mention, working on projects at home like sewing a sweet little shirt for your almost 8 year old daughter because she asked, and what mom would pass up an opportunity to sew clothes for her daughter when she asks? (knowing that the day will come when she would rather you not). And then while starting projects or hanging art lovingly created by your sis-in-law and best friend (thanks Naomi, my heart is warmed every time I look at that cut-out, you amaze me), the little things creep up like “my, my, why haven’t you dusted the fans or the air conditioning vents? or under the couch? or when oh when are you going to wash the sheets again?” You know the drill. My heart is pulled in a million directions and I have to force myself to be grounded in the only sure thing, the Word of God and the hope we have within it.

And so I find rest in His word, as I’m studying Colossians with some friends via the Bible reading plan found on goodmorninggirls.org, and the Lord pricked my heart with this truth this morning: God has qualified us to be His children. It’s not based on my own efforts, strengths, gifts, ability to juggle every detail of life perfectly, ability to do anything. My hope in the Lord and in a heavenly inheritance is based on Him alone, as it says in Col. 1:12,

“…thanks to the 
Father who has qualified us 
to be partakers of the inheritance 
of the saints in the light.”
God’s desire for us is to have His heart, His strength, His wisdom, and yet we don’t have to dig it up on our own–He beautifully and graciously supplies it for us! 
So it’s in this that I take comfort today, and I hope you do too. What grace the Lord has poured out on us, that He pours out His strength on us so we can accomplish His will. And my prayer is that He will give me the grace to discern His will in the gritty details of my life.
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