Notes from a Weary Traveler

I just got home from a weekend trip to Mexico City. I’m feeling very experienced since that was my third time there all by my self. I’m such a big girl…:) The day I left I was trying to cram all my things into one small carry on, to avoid the ridiculous $25 fee to check bags. But I’m not a light packer so this was a huge task for me, especially since half the stuff I was bringing was for the Smiths (half might be a slight exaggeration). So I deliberated back and forth on which heavy pair of shoes to wear, and it took me up until the very last minute to decide. I was walking around the house with one of each pair on my feet, looking in the mirror, asking Luke (who didn’t really care), asking my girls (who always have a different opinion), thinking, “Fashion? or comfort?” It was a difference between booties with heels or Clarks Wallabees (which takes a particular outfit to accompany them so as to not look like my grandfather).

Alas I chose fashion and went with the booties. As I waited in line I spotted this lady, and decided she didn’t deliberate long enough and obviously asked the wrong person which shoes to bring:

There’s fashion, and then there’s insanity.

And, while we were traipsing around the streets of Mexico City, an old lady came out of her office to tell the kids something, in kind of a grouchy way, and guess what she was wearing? Clarks Wallabees. So glad I chose wisely.

The trip back was easy and calm, but would have been much funner had I been accompanied by another adult, because then we could have laughed when the man in front of me in line put his teeth in, and when the lady sitting in front of me was listening to her music so loudly I seriously considered donating my earplugs to her, and when the good ol’ Texas man sat down right next to me as we waited for our rides and told me all about his career with the traveling fair.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM