My 8 year old Glamour Girl

My second born turned 8 today. I remember so clearly (well it’s kinda hazy) lying there in the hospital bed after finally getting the epidural, finally being able to rest, and watching the 2006 Winter Olympics, intermittently dozing. I was so relaxed that when I sort of felt in my gutt, literally, that I might need to push a baby out, I closed my eyes and pretended not to notice (this was my second baby, I knew exactly what kind of rest I was gonna get after she came out). But alas, babies will persist at wanting out, and so when I finally called the nurse she pretty much had to yell down the hall for the doctor because there indeed was a baby heading out. And thus began our life with Julia. 

So now that she’s 8, big conversations are being had. Important stuff…Julia has been telling me that when she grows up she wants to be a glamour girl. I keep asking her what a glamour girl is, and she can’t really put her finger on it, but it has something to do with being pretty. Of course the Godly mother in me wants to freak out and immediately teach her about having a gentle and quiet spirit, and that God wants a pure heart, not just a pretty face. I want to tell her she’s already beautiful and she doesn’t need to pursue more glamour. I want to tell her that it’s not all about glamour, and that she likely won’t end up on American Idol. And sometimes I do tell her all of this (in fact, I tell her a lot). But I also realize that sometimes it’s just her being 7, sweet 7 almost 8, and I can’t expect a mature, grown up approach to dreaming…I mean really, what 8 year old girl is dreaming about having a 1 Peter gentle and quiet spirit, dreaming about loving others first and being a servant? (except maybe Elsie Dinsmore)

And so I will keep consistently teaching my girl the things I know will last ultimately, but I’m going to resist the urge to make sure all her earthly dreams are noted and judged appropriately. I have to fight the urge to parent out of fear, out of fear that she won’t ever grow out of this and that she will always and forever only think that being glamourous is all there is. I will love this sweet girl and her sweet dreams and love her person and spirit and make sure she knows she always has a safe place with me. She can always tell me her dreams and I won’t judge her for them. I will enjoy her God-given love of beauty and help her to mold it appropriately. And then daily I will keep teaching her about the highest dream of all, following Christ with all your heart, trusting Him to do the work on her heart in His sweet time.

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