To the Police Officer who blew his whistle at me yesterday:

There’s a reason why I wave at you every morning and say, “Hi” and “Thank you,” when I walk the kids into school, and it might be for afternoons like yesterday. It might just be that I was experiencing a major mom moment, that one child got in the car with disappointing news, the other child was extreeeeeeeemely late to the car, but arrived accompanied by the teacher with really good news, and the kid who had to sit through the whole thing strapped to a carseat was screaming and yelling bloody murder, and literally climbing out of his seatbelt that I had re-fastened a hundred times in the last ten minutes. So if I appeared distracted and almost ran over 100 children crossing the street, I apologize. And if you wondered why I then had to pull over to the side, it was due to the aforementioned toddler climbing out of his carseat again. And if you saw some tears behind my sun glasses you most assuredly just had something in your eye.

Just another mom getting through the carpool line

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