toilet talks

My favorite conversations (well, it’s a love/hate relationship), are the ones I have with Landis while he’s on the potty, what I like to call “toilet talks with Landis.”

Likely, this will embarrass him when he grows up, but so be it. For whatever reason, I’m the only person ever allowed in with this little man when he needs the toilet. And so, I sit opposite of him on the edge of the bathtub, and many an interesting conversation has been had. The following is one episode of toilet talks I thought I’d share with you:

To set up the scene, Landis has yelled to me “Mommy I have to go potty! MOMMMMYYY” and hence we race there together, and we each assume our respective places. A minute or two goes by…(Landis’s voice is in blue)

Are you done?
When I touch your knee with this finger it means “yes,” when I touch the other knee it means “no.” When I touch your nose it means “never mind.”
Ok. Are you done?
(One touch on the right knee, and I almost stand up to wipe him, then a quick touch on my nose which means never mind, so I sit back down…and this happens a few times.)
Mommy, when I count to as far as I can count then I’m done.
(Very slowly, and very loudly, and as very close to my face as possible) 
(all the way to 30, and before he can continue I jump up and down and cheer and wipe him as fast as I can and get the heck out of there).
And this happens multiple times each day. Treasured time with my boy…
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