Soma School

Luke and I and another couple traveled to Tempe, Arizona recently for Soma School. Basically this is a conference put on by a family of churches who are eager to share what they are learning with others–who have a vision that the Gospel that transforms people will be used in mighty ways all over the country and the world, to transform more people for God’s glory.

The amazing thing to me about going to this week of training was how people of God can interract with each other in a way that seems like we’ve been friends for years. And you know why? Because we have Christ in common. And we want more and more and more people to have Christ in common as well. If you looked around the room of twenty or so people, it wasn’t your traditional “church” type feel–you’ve got lots of facial here, hipsters, tattoos and the like. And you have people who love Jesus so intensely it’s contagious. And yet it’s not obnoxious. It’s beautiful. 
We learned so much, and enjoyed rich conversation, fellowship, serving, and living. They included us in their lives in a very natural way, so natural it felt like home. And now I’m left processing all the things we learned…how do we  make disciples who will in turn make disciples? How is the church loving one another in such a way and in front of the world that others want to be a part too? How are we modeling the Word of God, putting flesh on it, if you will, and speaking in such a way that “outsiders” want in? Man it’s alot to chew on. 
The sweetest thing for me about this conference was the bond between Luke and me that grew so much stronger–growing together in learning strengthened our marriage and helped us to put words to what our hearts have been thinking for a while, in terms of our mission as disciples of Christ. And mostly I came away with a sense that I need to be intensely praying–praying for neighbors, praying for my children, praying for wisdom in furthering God’s kingdom; and trusting in the work of the Holy Spirit in my life, and in the lives of others, and listening to His direction and leading.

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