Language Lessons 101

At our house we love to discuss deep issues; we love to debate intellectually and mull over tough subjects. We pride ourselves on teaching our children the highest forms of communication. We just want them to be able to have intelligent conversations, and we feel the first place to practice that is at home. So I thought I’d share with you an example of some of the stimulating things we say here in our home, just to spur you on to higher levels of thinking. Today though I’ll mostly share phrases from a parents’ perspective, to give you as parents some good ideas for topics that you can use in your own home. This is just a snapshot, mind you; the list goes on and on. Here you go:

Put your shirt down.
Get your hands out of your pants.
Please get your foot off of the window.
Turn off the TV.
Don’t eat off of the floor.
Yes, this is what’s for breakfast. Be thankful.
Mashed potatoes don’t count as a fruit. 
Why do you have my shirt on?
That doesn’t go in your mouth.
Where are your shoes? 
Stop licking your plate.
Who forgot to flush the toilet?
No, please go up and try a different outfit. Maybe one that matches.
Most people make up their beds after they wake up, not before they go to bed.
Do you have socks on inside those boots?
Just blow your nose already.
How come there’s only one pair of your undies in the laundry this week?
Usually allowance comes after a person has actually done some chores.
Why are you wrapping your nose with your hair?
I’m in the bathroom. Leave me alone.
You need to get out of my closet.
Why are you in your swim suit?
I need more coffee…

It might be hard to emulate this high level of thinking, but I hope you can at least try…it’s so worth it.

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