A new year, a new friend

It’s a new year, and with it has come a blast of arctic weather, quite a change for us Texans. And yet, my children still insist they don’t need jackets–too many winters of not pulling out a jacket once has caused even the idea of winter coats to be a nuisance (and yes, in the 20 degree weather yesterday my son was caught outside with flip-flops on). As for me, I seem to have quite a collection of coats, seemingly for the hopes that a real winter might come our way, and it has (and I’ve sunk to a new low for me and am sporting a pair of  borrowed uggs).

The new year is such a symbol of new starts, blank pages, clean slates (clean laundry rooms anyone?), and I’m pondering what my year will look like, how I will change, how we have changed this past year, and what the Lord is doing in us right now that we need to embrace and encourage. One surprising element to the end of 2013 and now is our sweet new friend Lu. She’s a Chinese post-graduate student here in town and we’ve sort of “adopted” her. When thinking about our life and our mission I honestly never even once thought about serving the international community, I just haven’t been exposed to them much here–my mind has been so consumed with figuring out how to love our neighbors and our school and working through the limitations there. But God sort of dropped our new friend into our laps through our church, and we have been blessed beyond measure.

She spent every holiday with us, and poor thing, she definitely got a boat load of American culture and experiences! But she seems to be enjoying it. And the best part is that she is eager and interested to learn about the Bible and this Creator God whom she’s never heard of before. Such a delight to open up the Bible with her and show her things she’s never known. I am praying that God speaks through me and my family and uses our stumbling words to reach her heart with the truth.

She cooked Chinese soup for us on New Year’s Day, and helped me put all the Christmas decorations away.
She’s such a trooper.
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