We Three Kings

Little boys + playmobil = imagination gone wild.

Landis and I pulled out the playmobil nativity set last week, and had fun putting together all the little pieces and parts, including the robes that go so well over the wise men’s shoulders. Of course, Landis, being a 4 year old boy, has no concept of why a king would wear a robe. So as we snapped on their colorful robes and started to bring them to the baby King Jesus to worship Him, Landis said, “So they fly in like this,” and I said, “No, the kings can’t fly,” and he said, “But Mom, then why are they wearing CAPES???”

Ah yes. The three Super Hero kings. So our kings fly in to worship Jesus. Why else would they be sporting capes?

As long as they are worshipping Jesus, I guess it doesn’t matter whether they ride on a camel, or fly.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM

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  • Well, we now have elephants in our nativity! Ruth Ellen was trying to play with Esther Rose but Esther was concerned the baby would chew on the wooden painted sheep. I said she could give her a sheep from the other animals (supposed to be an ark). Esther Rose has now incorporated ALL the animals into the nativity. Silly girl! As you say, as long as they are realizing that everything is worshipping Jesus, I’m fine with it 🙂