The first eggnog of the season and some rambling

We love eggnog around here–the first sip of the season is swooned over and slurped up to the very last drop. We finally got a blast of cold air this week so it actually feels like Fall. Life has been full–Luke and I spent a week in Arizona for a conference (Soma School) with a couple from our church, kids have had fundraisers and birthday parties, and we are busy planning our Thanksgiving Day menu, looking forward to a week off of school and time spent with family. This is the time of year I love so much, and yet it goes by way too fast–I always want more evenings of reading with the children, more fall crafts, more quiet moments with a cup of coffee. And I wonder why it all has to go by so fast, and Luke reminds me that “time flies when you’re having fun.” Tis true. If it went by super slow it’d probably mean I was miserable. So I am thankful for the fun and delight of this time of year, knowing that it speeds by simply because I’m enjoying it so much.

How’s that for a bunch of rambling?

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