Where are you, Rhode Island?

Dear Rhode Island,

I know we in Texas must seem so intimidating to you–all large and huge. I know we could fit like 500 of you inside our state, and so you may have a complex about it. I know driving to Texas may seem like driving to a foreign country, and you’d likely have to devote many, many weeks to a vacation here, which you may not see any point to. But let me assure you, we here in Texas would welcome you with open arms. We have lots to offer–Tex Mex (have you even had Mexican food?), cowboy hats, tumble weed, wide open spaces, you can even see the sky here. There’s plenty of amusement parks and museums to keep you occupied. And down here in San Antonio we even have this thing called the Riverwalk. Our cars drive real nice here, and sometimes real cowboys might even tip their hats at you. Now isn’t that worth a trip here?

I beg you, please journey down this way. You see, my poor, sweet children have been keeping a list of all the license plates they’ve seen, and if they get 50, we can eat at Cheesecake Factory as a family as a reward. But you see, we have 49 states collected (and even Mexico and Canada!). And since in five months of searching we haven’t seen a license plate for Rhode Island, we are beginning to wonder if you are even a state. Do you really exist? (we have found a coin with your state name on it, so maybe that should be proof enough). If you journey our way, we promise to include you in our family meal–we’ll treat you real nice down here, like good ol’ Texans.

So please, don’t fear this great state of Texas.


Missing you in Texas

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