In it to win it…

what happens when you give a boy a hose…he makes it rain
I’ve been a little busy lately, hence the lack of blog posts. When life gets busy, my computer pretty much gets shoved under a stack of papers and is lost to my mind (as it should be–really, technology in my opinion should be the first to go in busy seasons). 
But time with my boy has been a-plenty, and admittedly, not all of it pleasant. I’m just being real with you people, I know that’s what you want…:) My boy is blessed with charm, so most people see him and his curly blonde hair and big blue eyes and think he can do no wrong. It’s a good thing he’s cute.
All this to say, times have been tough for me and him lately–he’s exerting his will in all areas, so I’m having to determine to work diligently to train him. It’s intense, to say it mildly. But we are making our way. Sometimes I feel like I’m knee deep in mud and the only way out is to make it to the other side…there are no escape routes in the middle of it. But I’m convinced this is my job–training these little people so that one day they will be wise. I’m so hopeful that being faithful now will lead to a happy, wise, responsible young man in the future. 
So I tell you these things once again, because we are in this together. I have a sweet friend who is going through the same challenges with her four year old, and so we pray for each other when we are in the midst of hard times, and encourage each other along the way. 
So while I have no tips to pass on for great success, what I do encourage you to do is to remain faithful…don’t give up on the hard work. Too many parents give up and seek escape, often leaving their children to grope through life without help, and they are a miserable mess. Our job as parents is so very important, and God is gracious to give us what we need when we need it, even when we see no immediate results whatsoever (which is often the case). 
Proverbs 4:6, 
“Train up a child in the way he should go, 
and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

*and to the grandparents who will be keeping my children for a few days soon, my prayers are with you…

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