Keeping up Traditions

When my girls were little, tea parties were the thing, of course. It’s been a while since we pulled together a tea party, so last week on my birthday, after running through a flash flood to pick up my kids from school, probably ruining my new shoes, and arriving home drenched from head to toe (imagine that slurping noise when a wet skirt gets sucked onto your legs), I declared it my birthday wish to have a tea party with my kids, before the grandparents got there to celebrate.

They were delighted, and quickly pulled out the tea party table cloth (from Venice, another story), and all the accouterments, including the tiny cream pitchers and the sugar cubes. I brewed the mint tea, and then we gathered around for a sweet time of proper English tea talk…”Mr. Newton, would you care for tea?” “Yes, Mrs. Newton, I would like some tea.” And so on and so forth.

And then I pulled out the book we are working through and so enjoying, Little Women. We read Little Men first a couple of years ago, and loved it, but are just now getting around to Little Women. It’s a slow start, but now we are rolling through it, and at times breaking out in little acting out episodes. Pure delight. And yes, Landis loves tea parties too. He’s gonna be a good daddy someday.

So in case you are wondering if these sweet little moments are still possible when you aren’t homeschooling, they totally are! So sit yourself down and have tea and a good book with your kiddos.

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