Random Rambling

In one hour I pick my kids up and close out the first week of school. It feels like quite an accomplishment. I’ve gone from being overwhelmingly exhausted to feeling slightly more normal, just in time for the weekend to throw things off again! Oh well!

A few notes and observations from this first week of school, in no particular order (since I love lists):
~ Lunches aren’t that bad (ask me again at the end of the year when I’m throwing in cold hot dogs and bags of chips)
~ In fact, the dorky, preppy bento box thing is kind of fun and has gotten rave reviews from the girls (minus the olives and one too many days of carrots)

~ Learning how to maneuver second grade friends is already proving a challenge, and we have alot to learn. It has, however, spurred on tons of conversations about “true” friends versus playmates, and about foolish behavior vs. wise. This is what we wanted–real life experiences to chew on and work through together…
~ My girls can survive whole days in tennis shoes and socks (they’ve always fought me on this claim, but alas, I was right.)
~ Science homework makes my palms sweat and my heart race. Really–it brings it all back (Mr. Mac for 5th grade science, anyone remember???) and I’m thankful Luke’s been around to answer the questions, my obvious weakness (and always has been)
~ Early dinners and early bedtimes is nice, except when your 3 year old wakes up at 4:30 starving. We are still adjusting, people.
~ My house hasn’t magically gotten cleaner, as I was hoping. Hmm. Still trying to figure this one out.
~ I can still push Landis in a jogging stroller and run–this is a total shocker!
~ I miss my girls. Just because I know this is the right thing for us right now, it doesn’t take away the sentimentality and tiny heartache every time my eyes wander to our school table. Sniff.
~ Snuggles and read alouds are still a part of the routine, for which I’m super thankful!
~ Time with a 3 year old boy couldn’t be more precious–on the way home from the grocery store I told him he’d need to help me take in the groceries, to which he replied, “No problem, mom.” Gotta love the little guy…

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