May the Good Times Roll

So here’s to all you momma’s starting the lunch-packing grind again…this is a little chart I put together that might help you all as you dig around for stuff to put in your kids lunches. Of course it’s not exhaustive, and I’m sure I’ll come up with more stuff as the days go by. But this is a start. Basically, if you pick one thing from each of the categories, your kids should be all set. You can do as our moms did, and put everything in ziplock bags, or use a container and divide it out using silicone muffin cups (i.e. bento style). Please note, my kids will not be getting something from the “fun items” category every day…much to their chagrin. And also, I purchased smaller water bottles for their lunch boxes, so that I’m not tempted to always add a juice box. I hope this helps…and please respond with more ideas!

Main Items Fruits Veggies/ Side Items
taco meat melons frozen peas (will thaw)
shredded chicken blueberries carrot sticks/ baby carrots/ carrot coins
chili/ taco soup strawberries broccoli florets (raw or steamed)
beans grapes cucumbers (rounds or sticks)
chicken salad clementines (easy peel) olives (pitted, any variety)
diced thick cut ham diced kiwi steamed snow peas
cubed chicken meat petite apples, whole plain pasta
meatballs mangoes (diced) rice (mexican, brown, stir-fried)
turkey burgers pre-pkgd apple sauce nuts (if allowed)- cashews, pistachios, walnuts
fajita meat diced dried fruit grape tomatoes
soup (canned, leftover)   red, yellow, bell peppers
dinner leftovers   diced sharp cheddar
chicken nuggets, cold   cheese sticks/ string cheese
pigs in a blanket   pre-pkgd cheese rounds
pizza rolls  
mini quiche    
macaroni and cheese    
pepperoni slices    

Snacky Side

Fun Item

tortilla chips semi-sweet choc.chips ranch dressing (made with yogurt, opt)
goldfish/ cheeze its dark chocolate square marinara sauce
saltines/ ritz crackers choc. covered pretzel ketchup
whole wheat crackers yogurt cup chic fil-a sauce
pita chips drinkable yogurt hummus
tortillas, cut in strips one hershey’s kiss white bean dip 
pretzels yogurt cov. pretzel yogurt fruit dip
Lara bars/ cliff bars fruit chews homemade pimento cheese
granola bar fruit leather peanut, almond butters
meat stick/ beef jerky mini muffins   
whole grain bread    
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