First Day of School…

…a success!!!!

We made it through the first day of school, woohoo! I had one excited-nervous one, and one not-excited-nervous one, but both came home beaming, having made new friends, loved their teachers, and eager for another day. Only one minor lunch catastrophe (a leaky water bottle causing a muddy, lara bar pond at the bottom of a lunch box), and one little boy (i.e. Landis) who thought the rails on the stage of the auditorium were “monkey bars” and acted accordingly, to make for an exciting day.

After drop off and the parent “cheers and tears” coffee, Landis and I went to the store, and on the way home, as we passed by the playground, we spotted Julia’s class! And she spotted us and waved and smiled, so sweet! (and I promise, promise, promise, I totally wasn’t hanging around waiting for that moment!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.28.47 PM