It’s August, people…August!!! I’m not freaking out, really (just a tiny bit). But since this whole school thing is so new for us, here are my thoughts… all jumbled up into one big mess–

~What? I should be in the pick up line at 2:00 and wait there for an hour if I want to get through the line fast (can you imagine doing this with a 3 year old every day? Really people?)
~Have you looked into using the bus? (ummm. not yet, but maybe I should…)
~There’s a special night once a month called “Family Night–no homework!” yippee! Once a month we won’t have homework…
~Do people really do bento boxes? Or is this a trend on pinterest to make you look like a cool mom, when really all you do is send your kid with PB&J (assuming you’re kid isn’t in a “nut-free” room)…come on “cool moms,” I’m on to you…

Okay, it’s really not all that bad; here’s some other sane thoughts…
~I haven’t spent my whole summer researching curriculum and making lesson plans. This is good, I’ve enjoyed my busy, crazy, wild summer without that extra burden weighing over my head of making plans for my kids education (and also the burden of being afraid I’m not doing enough and wondering if my plans are up to par)
~I can smile at my homeschool friends with sincere appreciation, knowing that homeschooling is a wonderful option, and knowing that I have sweet memories of these past five years, and truly hoping for a good year for my friends.
~But I also sigh in relief that I can focus on the other side of mothering, and not feeling like I have to wear every hat and be everything for my kids…I’m thankful that I can be in a supportive role educationally this year, and I look forward to that.

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