Things I’ve learned from back-to-school preparations, in no particular order…

*Since school supply shopping is rather boring for elementary kids (“Why do I have to have a black binder? Why can’t I get a pretty one?”), we made up for it by wardrobe shopping…way better than uniforms.
*This bento style lunch kit set is such a scam…after handling it at the Container store, and realizing that you can’t fit any of the little containers into the big container, which is kind of the point of a bento box, I thankfully didn’t waste 15 bucks on a set of four containers that have to be used separately…
*(and have I already mentioned that “bento” style lunches might also be a scam to make moms look and feel cool? ha!)
*Crazy 8 had an amazing sale–the most I spent was $11.99 on a pair of jeans, everything else, including skirts with built in shorts, was less than 6 bucks. Pleasant surprise.
*Make sure to have a personal shopper (i.e. Naomi) who will search Amazon for name brand shoes on sale…thanks sister!
*Children Desiring God now has their Fighter Verses program (a five year scripture memory program) on this app for $2.99. Best $2.99 spent, ever!
*Letting your children eat popsicles or  milkshakes for breakfast is totally acceptable and fun. Do it.

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