Station Cafe’

One of our favorite things to do is find new and interesting restaurants–the smaller, more hole-in-the wall type, the better. Luke really is the one that finds these places, and we tag along and critique…yes, my children critique restaurants and food too (I apologize ahead of time to their future spouse’s who decide to take them to Chili’s on a first date…).

This little place, the Station Cafe’, has been here for some time, starting out as The Fillin’ Station, mostly a bar I think. But they added this deli style restaurant in back, and it’s delicious. It’s nestled in the beautiful King William district,  just south of downtown.  Luke and I love their sandwiches, made on homemade rolls, and amazingly fresh. From what I can tell, they get all of their produce from local farms. My favorite sandwich is the roast beef, jalapeno, and cilantro lime sauce sandwich. It’s spicy, juicy, and delicious. This sandwich is at least a 6-napkin one–man it’s messy, but totally worth it! Landis always gets a slice of pizza, and the girls tend to try new things each time. Most recently they tried the clam chowder–one vote loved it, one vote wouldn’t eat it again…The price is right too–between 4-5 bucks per sandwich, $3 for a slice of pizza, etc.

The ambiance is fun–the tables all have different patterns, bright and mismatched, and of course the walls are complete with local art. Every now and then I’m thrown off by the smells when we walk in the door–likely it’s a mixture of bread baking, soups, meats, etc., but it goes away quick. This place seems to be fairly popular with the locals (and hipsters, I might add…). The one thing I would change about this restaurant is the flimsy napkins!!! If you’re gonna serve messy sandwiches, suck it up and serve it with heavy duty napkins, or at least paper towels!

For a look at their menu, click here.

Just another hidden treasure in the heart of San Antonio….

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