let me count the ways…

~Luke makes the pasta (from scratch)…I make the sauce
~I do the dishes, he does the baths…
~He plants most of the garden, I enjoy the picking and the eating
~I scream for roaches, he cleans them up
~He debones the chicken, I cook it
~He leads the singing for our church gathering, I play the piano…
~He buys my favorite ice cream on sale, I eat it..and eat it, and eat it (but I ramble)
~I plan the coffee dates with my friends, he puts the kids to bed

Can you see the theme? We make a great team. (and, my husband is awesome). Just wanted to throw that out there.

It’s just sweet how marriage is two people working together to accomplish one goal, whatever it may be. And the list could keep on going–mostly like how I pick things up off the floor while he vacuums and mops and stuff like that (because he serves me and my family in amazing ways, and it blows my mind).

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