I’m young, right? Early (mid) 30’s, that’s young (I’m approaching a birthday, you know how that goes). But if you think about it a certain way, it feels really old…
I’ve planned 20 birthday parties to date, not counting the ones I’ve planned for my hubby and parents…
I have 20 combined years of parenting experience…ha, that’s just funny.
I have 5 different sizes of clothes in my closet/ drawers…times keep changing, you know.
I drive a minivan.
I still call it a bathing suit.
I actually told my neighbor on an early morning walk recently that I use exercise “tapes.” She made sure to point that out.
I own anti-aging cream. Yep.
I’ve seen two decades of fashion come back into style. Really.

Okay, I’m not helping the situation here. But I was thinking about this after having a sweet lunch with some new friends who have been visiting our church (a new church plant here in San Antonio), and they are sort of like Luke and me, except 10 years younger. He’s a resident, they have a tiny baby, they got married in medical school, etc. And I realized that I’m reaching that place in my life where I can be of help and encouragement to them…mostly because I love Jesus and I want to make Him known and encourage others to love Him too, but also because I do have some life experience now that may actually help someone.

It’s strange yet exciting where God has us, and it’s beautiful to see Him using us in ways we may not expect or predict. And it’s so fun to see who He brings into our lives, like this sweet couple, who truly encouraged me in our time as well.

The young and the not-so-young both have wonderful things to share with each other, don’t you think?

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