School shopping is in full force around here, only not the type that I’m used to. For about six years now my type of back to school shopping included curriculum researching, rainbow resource cataloguing, amazon used book huntings, and the like, because up until now our primary schooling has been at home. And I enjoyed all of that immensely–in many ways that was my favorite part of homeschooling, the choosing of books and planning when and how to use them.

But this year we join the ranks of the millions who do back to school clothes shopping, and my aim is to beat the crowds and have it done before August. My kids are going to public school this year. (That’s definitely a sentence I didn’t expect to write this year). Hence, I have to think about things like durability and mix and match options in their wardrobe, hoping that things will last at least half a year…I’ve never done this before so I have no idea what to expect. (and they’ve warn uniforms two days a week the last two years to their university model school, so that was a no brainer).

Of course, going to school full time involves way more planning than just their wardrobe, but it’s a start. And sometimes the surface planning and preparation helps put a little meat on the mental and spiritual planning that is going on in our hearts, minds, and behind the scenes in our home as a family.

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