We Never Thought We’d Public School

I pulled up the school’s calendar and started plugging in dates on my calendar this week (August is around the corner, people).  I could get overwhelmed (which is my tendency), but I’m not.  Its exciting to think about all the school events planned, like first day of school coffee for parents, back to school nights for each grade, etc, that I can just show up to and start meeting people. I don’t have to plan something myself (although I’ll do that too), but I can just come and be a part.  This is huge for us because one of the main reasons we are doing public school this year is so that we can plug into our community as a family in a deeper way–to be more purposeful at getting to know the people we see all the time, at the pool, at the park, the library, gymnastics, and more, and hopefully to bring a Gospel influence to our neck of the woods.  We want to build relationships with our community, make friends, serve, figure out the needs of our community and, together with the church, seek to meet those needs. Our hearts are being prodded to make Jesus known, and this is the direction God is pointing us.

We’ve never felt called to one type of schooling or the other, and it’s never been a conviction. It’s always been a choice we make every year, based on the needs of our family and what will fit best. But we do know that we are called to make Jesus known, wherever we are, and we’ve been praying that whatever decision we make about anything will be shaped and formed by the Gospel, and will hold up to that calling of loving others so that they might turn and love Jesus too.

This kind of effort is often slow and wearisome, and we fully expect that. We will be living in the trenches, with homework, peer pressure, relationship issues, lunch making (every single night, almost a deal breaker for me, I kid you not). But we believe God is going before us and preparing the way. It’s gonna be different, new, fun, tiring, annoying, exciting, just like everything else is in this life. But God is there, He is present, even in the deepest darkest pit, still God is there. And that is such a comfort when facing the unknown.

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