We took our three brave traveler kids to Mexico City earlier this summer, to visit the cousins (it’s a mere 2 hour flight from San Antonio, so this is easier than flying almost anywhere else in the states). Our days were full, our feet were tired, but we saw such lovely parts of the city–downtown and up the tall tower for an aerial view of the city, old cathedrals, a famous diner, the zoo and paddle boats in the city’s version of central park, traditional Mexican dancing, lots of tacos, the metro, city buses, antique flea markets, a dog park, the folk art museum, the pyramids outside of the city, and of course plenty of coffees and dark chocolate. 
Traipsing through the city and the neighborhood with Naomi and Joshua is always my favorite part, though. I love watching them interact with their neighbors (albeit in Spanish), visit with the waiters and the bakers and the grocers, stopping for quick hugs and pecks on the cheeks with friends not seen for a time. It was my third time to visit them in this huge city, and still they remain the same–they are seeking to engage their neighbors and their community in the routine rhythms of life, and in such a natural way they brought us right into the midst of it, making introductions and doing their best to include us in their conversations (easier for Luke since he’s bilingual, a bit trickier for me). We sat in the parks and people watched, soaking in the culture and discussing the needs of the city, the neighborhood, the people. This real life view into their way of life helps me pray for them, because I can truly picture their goings on, day in and day out.
And of course, Naomi and I didn’t miss a beat in solving each other’s problems and working out each other’s dilemmas as we washed dish after dish, cooked for ten people at a time, and locked the children out of the living room as we drank our coffee in peace for five minutes…(we only did that once, I think…)
Check out Naomi’s blog here for snippets of their life serving the King in Mexico City.

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